"Macron, answer us!" : in front of all the prefectures, this Tuesday morning and until noon, the peasants make hear their distress and ask the head of the State to defend them against the evils which affect a sector in crisis.


Farmers are angry, worried about their future, poorly paid and stigmatized. They want to make their distress heard, for the second time this month, and fight against their bad image. Samuel Vandaele, president of the young farmers, originally with the FNSEA of this call to demonstrate, was the guest of Europe 1, Tuesday morning, to explain the reasons for this movement.

"No one is here to defend us" . "We are asking for a clear answer to the President of the Republic: does he still want many farmers throughout the territory, actors of the dynamics of rurality? This message, we need it because agriculture is under attack from We need a signal from the President to preserve a quality diet on our territory.The morale is not good because there is not a day without a show against us. He is there to defend us, it is up to the Head of State to come and help us! ", he says, reassembled.

The farmers are waiting, symbolically, strong words Emmanuel Macron, but not only. Acts are expected, too, "especially on the European transposition." But with some texts, France overtranspose ... Otherwise, we sign things between farmers, we promised we were going to produce better and finally, we sign international agreements like Ceta, which is under way, or tomorrow perhaps, Mercosur. "