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Fuel shortage in many service stations of the capital, Antananarivo, and other major cities of the country. Since Sunday evening, motorists are touring the city in the hope of finding a few liters of fuel. A rupture due to rumors of shortages that spread over the weekend and caused a rush of motorists to service stations indicates the Malagasy Office of Hydrocarbons.

Deserted stations, others crowded. These are the scenes seen in the streets of the capital. Tina, a taxi driver, traveled the city before finding a few liters of gas.

" I was able to buy only a small amount and that's why I'm stuck here. I have a customer waiting for me, but I do not have enough gas to pick him up. "

Three kilometers away, a one-liter canister in his hands, Andrianoelina, walks towards the Antaninandro station. With a wave of the hand, the pump attendant tells him that there is no more gas. " I do not know where to look because a lot of pumps are dry. I went to neighborhoods around, but there are none either. I can not move and it prevents me from working. "

In Tamatave, Antsirabe and Tulear, the inhabitants also explained that they had difficulties in obtaining gasoline. A shortage due to overconsumption indicates the Malagasy Office of Hydrocarbons.

A tank of one million liters

In mid-September, in a letter to the Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbons, tankers had raised the possibility of a disruption in fuel supply due to arrears of payment of the Malagasy State. " Our cash flow situation no longer allows us to bear a worsening of our arrears, without any accompanying measures being implemented. Otherwise, you will easily understand that we will unfortunately not be able to clear our products for lack of sufficient resources , "said the letter of the tankers.

But the Groupement des pétroliers de Madagascar at a press point yesterday Monday 21 put forward the same argument as the Malagasy Office of hydrocarbons, stating that the ten-day delay of a supply vessel could be the cause of the rush consumers. " It is indeed the delay of ten days that may have created this feeling of fear of rupture. Everyone rushes and there is three times more consumption than normal, "says Benjamin Memmi is the managing director of the oil company Jovena.

A delay due to international tensions around fuels declare tankers. Pending the arrival of this boat Friday, the country has a gas tank of a million liters and trucks from the port city of Tamatave are en route, they say.