The deputy National Assembly of the Pyrenees-Orientales Louis Alliot returned on Europe 1, on the displacement of the President of the Republic in Mayotte.


Emmanuel Macron started Tuesday morning his tour in the Indian Ocean starting with Mayotte. The French archipelago is at the heart of a migratory crisis, with significant arrivals of illegal immigrants from the neighboring archipelago of Comoros. For Louis Alliot, "the situation is dramatic" but especially "no government for 10 years, whether under the presidency Hollande or Sarkozy, has never settled this topic."

In Mayotte, "the locals revolt"

The President of the Republic, who raised the tone on immigration in a speech on Tuesday, promises the expulsion of 25,000 illegal immigrants. "They can not do otherwise, says Louis Alliot, the locals revolt!" The deputy national assembly asserts that it is necessary "to put the Comoros in a position to respect its commitments".

The situation in Mayotte is explosive: 25% of the population of the archipelago is undocumented and 75% speak little or no French. Factors that, among other things, led the Mahorais to put Jordan Bardella's RN in the lead in the last European elections. The National Rally gathered 45.56% of the vote in Mayotte, far ahead of the 16.76% of the union of the right and center.

"The problem of the right of the soil arises"

For the archipelago, Marine Le Pen advocated a pure and simple suspension of the law of the ground. Louis Alliot agrees: "If we had done so, we might never have had these problems Mamoudzou motherhood is the first maternity in France.The problem of the right soil is raised.

For him, "it is the only possibility otherwise we will be submerged". He supports his remarks by quoting the MP for Mayotte who "says himself that they are victims of a migratory submersion because the state does not do its job of driving back the border of all the illegal immigrants" and concludes: "Macron is in Mayotte only to make communication ".