The Japanese emperor Naruhito underwent his official inauguration in the night from Monday to Tuesday. The 59-year-old son succeeded his retired father Akihito in May and is considered the 126th emperor of the country.

While it was still a modest ceremony in May, dozens of world leaders were present for the half-hour-long ritual, including King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. A total of two thousand people from more than 190 countries would have been present.

According to the NOS , the guests were given special instructions explaining to the group that they were not obliged to bow or cheer for the new emperor.

Naruhito could be seen with the traditional sixty-centimeter high headdress with crown. Empress Masako took a seat on the smaller throne next to him, in clothes that allegedly weigh more than ten kilos.

With the entry of the Chrysanthemum throne, the new imperial era Reiwa also entered, which means, among other things, 'beautiful harmony'.

Former emperor Akihito, the first emperor in two centuries, voluntarily renounced his throne. The 85-year-old Akihito feared that his old age and health problems would harm him.


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