The North Irish press is back this morning on the passing of a landmark law making abortion and same-sex marriage legal. Irish News highlights pro-abortion activists in front of the local parliament.

The Belfast Telegraph evokes a great moment for the North Irish and points the finger at the attitude of the political class, especially the DUP. The latter tried to convene a session of Parliament urgently to prevent the adoption of the text. A masquerade for everyday life, denouncing a pathetic performance.

Le Figaro, for its part, evokes the health scandal of Chlordecone. This devastating insecticide used for over 20 years to protect banana crops has caused severe soil pollution and an increase in cancer cases. The French State has just acknowledged its responsibility in this case. Many legal proceedings are still in progress, recalls Le Figaro .

Finally, the Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun raises a legal problem concerning the organization of the coronation ceremony of the new emperor. The emperor is indeed described as divine by ancient texts, but the Japanese government finances the ceremony. Enough to question the respect of the Constitution of the country, which establishes in principle the separation of religion and the state, recalls the daily.