Isle of Man (dpa) - World chess champion Magnus Carlsen has secured a very special record: The 28-year-old Norwegian remained unbeaten at the end of the Isle of Man tournament in the 101st game in a row.

The last defeat Carlsen collected on July 31, 2018 at the Grand Master tournament in Biel against Shakhri Mamedjarow from Azerbaijan. The 447 days without defeat underpin Carlsens Nimbus as by far the best chess player in the world by far.

The World Champion from Norway finished the tournament on Monday evening with 7.5 points from eleven games, although only in sixth place, but also remained in the 101st game with classic time without defeat. This Carlsen broke the record of the Chinese Ding Liren, who remained undefeated in 2018 in 100 games in a row.

"In the last few days, of course, I had to remember that and did not want to fail in the final meters," said Carlsen after the tournament, which Wang Hao won with 8.0 points. He thus qualified alongside Ding Liren as the second Chinese grandmaster for the World Cup Candidates Tournament 2020, in which the challenger for World Champion Carlsen is determined among the eight participating grandmasters.

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