Annika Wallén stands and sweeps her arm over large and tall bushes with one of the world's most aggressive alien species, park slide. She lives right next door and has seen how the area's pedestrian and bicycle path in just a few years drowned in the plant that can get through both asphalt and the foundation of houses.

- We live here and we really don't want park slides everywhere that kill everything else, says Annika Wallén.

Tried to stop

She has tried to get the municipality to stop the rapid growth of park slides in the area but received no response. When she and her neighbors discussed when the plant actually began to spread in the area, they quickly realized that it had to do with a municipal rebuild of the cycle track.

- Because it was the year after what I experienced that it just said goodbye! says Annika Wallén.

Excavation of fiber and sewage

Many people, after our report on park slide, heard of testimony about the heavy spread of park slide during excavation of fiber, in new construction and in the excavation of water and sewage.

"I've also heard many stories about this," says Tina Kyrkander, who is a biologist and who has worked with foreign species for over ten years and who herself helps municipalities fight the aggressive species.

"Happens in many places"

- It happens in many places and the reason is that you do not have knowledge. You may not even know what the plant looks like. You do not have a thought for this. It may even be done in winter, says Tina Kyrkander.

At the municipality of Gothenburg, it is acknowledged that it may well be true that the municipality's work contributed to creating the large stock of park slide in Hovås, and elsewhere.

- At this time we cannot provide any guarantees. Parkslide is disseminated in connection with construction work and we cannot guarantee that it will not, says unit manager at Park and nature management in Gothenburg Lena Jakobsson.

No laws around the plant

And today there are no laws or legal obligations regarding the handling of park slides either for the municipality, private individuals or companies.

- The municipalities also have no financial resources allocated for this. Money has to come from the top. It is a government issue, or that it is being raised to Parliament. It has to be a priority now, says Tina Kyrkander.