“Trumpeted about it everywhere. And, by the way, the media went on about them. They didn’t think about how it would be perceived in Russia, by the Russians who did so much to end the Cold War and the arms race, ”Gorbachev said in an interview with Welt am Sonntag. His words are given by the Gorbachev Foundation.

He added that the West did not think about how this would affect politics and relations with Russia.

“And they began to behave as if everything was now allowed to the West: to use force without the sanction of the UN Security Council, to violate international treaties, to impose its conditions,” Gorbachev said.

Earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, answering a question about the possibility of returning to the Cold War, emphasized that this would have affected Russia the least.

The head of state also called for abandoning the principles of the Cold War and “block philosophy” in order to achieve world security.