Johannesburg (dpa) - Volkswagen wants to promote e-mobility in Africa with a pilot project. In Rwanda's capital Kigali will soon drive 50 e-Golf, announced the CEO of Volkswagen South Africa, Thomas Schäfer.

The infrastructure will be built by Siemens. The electric gulfs should initially not be sold to private persons, but be used by Volkswagen's own mobility service. Schäfer - also chairman of the African Automobile Manufacturers Association (AAAM) - announced at the same time for the next few months the inclusion of new production facilities in Ghana and Kenya.

With initially modest quantities, they should be a kind of door opener for the planned African domestic market, said Schäfer. As the largest location on the continent so far, the Volkswagen plant is near the South African port of Port Elizabeth, where 126,463 vehicles were produced last year. Schäfer expects to produce 162,000 vehicles there for the current year. The plant in the East Cape Province, which is in partnership with the state of Lower Saxony, employs around 3,700 people and builds various Polo versions for both exports and the domestic market.

South Africa is regarded as a kind of test market for automobile manufacturers from all over the world, including BMW, Mercedes, Ford or Nissan, but also the Chinese Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation or the Indian Tata Group. The VW brand now has a market share of 20 percent - the highest in the Group.