• After the excuses a new video puts the Canadian Trudeau in crisis: still with his face painted black
  • Canada vs Ireland: war of socks between premier. This time Trudeau loses


22 October 2019The outgoing Liberal party Justin Trudeau won the policies in Canada by detaching the conservative rivals but did not secure the majority, or 170 seats in the House of Commons out of 338. The Senate is not elective. To govern, the 47-year-old ex-boyfriend of politics will have to form a coalition with the left-wing parties to advance his progressive agenda. In his last electoral appeal, last Sunday, he warned how conservative rival Andrew Scheer would wipe out all environmental protections. "We need a strong progressive government that unites the Canadians to fight against climate change and not a progressive opposition", Trudeau warned that with his victory, in 2015, he had revived the historical one of 1968 of the parent, Pierre Trudeau, considered the father of modern Canada. From this election Trudeau emerges victorious but weakened even in the wake of some scandals that have tarnished his image. Trudeau has been accused of "undue pressure" in investigations concerning the real estate giant Snc-Lavalin. A picture of him as a young man emerged at a costume party in black and with a turban on his head. Trudeau repeatedly apologized for that photo, which he considered offensive. "People make mistakes but we need to look ahead", the prime minister urged, promising a grip on weapons, tax cuts and regulations to protect the climate and the environment.