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Brexit: Will Boris Johnson get his deal through?


Marathon vote in the lower house: The MEPs discuss the Brexit law. Many criticize that they should close the draft so quickly. Our live blog

  • An agreement with the EU stands, but the approval of the British Parliament for the Brexit deal is still missing. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson now wants to win the support of MEPs for his agreement via the UK ratification law for the EU exit. The bill will be discussed starting this Tuesday.
  • Whether the bill can get a majority in parliament is unclear. Opposition politicians could try to influence amendments.
  • A planned vote on the Brexit deal on Saturday had postponed the parliament. On Monday, parliamentary speaker John Bercow banned the premier from voting again. Instead, MEPs forced Johnson to apply to the EU for an extension of the deadline. The EU has not yet decided on the application and wants to do so in the next few days.
  • All important information about Brexit can be found on our topic page.

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13:31 22. October 2019

Veronika Völlinger

A new day in the Brexit final. What happens on Tuesday in the British Parliament?

The lower house advises from 13.30 clock German time in second reading on a law ratifying the exit agreement . The British call it WAB - Withdrawal Agreement Bill. The Brexit Law is intended to translate the details of the EU's exit into British law. Beware of likelihood of confusion: Something else is Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, that is the withdrawal agreement between the EU and the UK.

With the second reading of the Brexit Act, British MPs now have the opportunity for the first time to debate the draft in principle . A subsequent vote from 20 clock must win the government, so that the legislative process goes on at all. If Boris Johnson loses this vote, new elections are very likely. The government was confident that it would find a majority.

The livestream of the parliamentary debate can be found here.

Two things are also crucial:
First, to set a timetable for the next steps in the legislative process . Many MPs criticize the time pressure under which they should adopt such a momentous law in such a short time. If Parliament does not accept the timetable, Johnson could no longer meet his promise of a Brexit on October 31.

Second, after the second reading, the committee phase begins. The MEPs discuss possible changes to the Brexit Act , such as a permanent customs union with the EU. It is also conceivable to submit the deal to the British in a second referendum. However, major changes could be problematic - because, according to the UK government, negotiations with the EU have been completed.

Whether and how the agreement has chances for a majority is open. Theoretically, ratification could be completed by Thursday. That would be in Johnson's terms, but is unlikely, as many MPs criticize the pressure of time. But you never know at Brexit.

The EU will also look very closely at the British House of Commons debate and then decide whether to extend the Brexit deadline . Presumably, this is what happens: "Without a doubt, we should treat the British request for renewal with all seriousness," said EU Council President Donald Tusk. The EU wants to prevent a no-deal exit from Britain.

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