• Bad weather, Genoa-Milan and Genoa-Turin railway line stops
  • Bad weather: red alert on the center of Liguria, storm and lightning in Genoa and Savona
  • Cloud show in Milan, flooding and flood risk for Seveso


October 22, 2019Night of fear in Alessandria for the violent wave of bad weather in the last few hours, which is causing considerable damage. After having exceeded 9 meters, the level of the Bormida is also falling in Alessandria. The bridge that passes through it will remain closed until it can be inspected. At least 130 displaced people, broken roads, landslides and floods. Numerous landslides and flooding on former state and provincial roads, particularly in Ovada, between Gavi and Francavilla Bosio, between Novi and Pozzolo Formigaro. Schools closed in the capital and in many other centers. The Civil Defense informs that on the A21 highway the junction towards Milan of the A7 is closed due to flooding. Therefore day is very difficult for traffic.

The Antigorio and Formazza valleys, in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola, have been isolated since this night. Due to the heavy rains that hit the Piedmont, a landslide broke away from the mountain in Crodo around two in the morning. Mud and debris have invaded the roadway in Ronco on the SS659, from km 6 to km 6.2. The traffic is interrupted at each vehicle until a different communication from Anas. The interruption prevents access to both valleys, since the two main roads are located upstream of the landslide.

The circulation on the Genoa-Milan and Genoa-Turin lines was reactivated starting from 6 am. The company also reports that on the Genoa-Turin line the trains run at reduced speed between Novi Ligure and Arquata. At the moment there is a reduction in the offer, with the cancellation of the trains of the Alessandria-Arquata report. The circulation on the Genoa-Acqui line between Ovada and Campoligure is then interrupted, a section in which a replacement service was set up with buses running along the motorway.

Meanwhile, the head of the Civil Protection department, Angelo Borrelli, is on his way to Piedmont, to make the point about the wave of bad weather that is currently affecting the North-West Regions, especially Piedmont. The Civil Protection reports in a note stating that "the main problems are registered in the Alessandria area, where at the moment there are about 130 people evacuated.