Oslo (AP) - In the Norwegian capital Oslo, several people have been injured in an ambulance incident. A woman and a child were taken to a hospital, the police said via Twitter on Tuesday.

The police stopped the armed driver. According to their statements, the officers shot, but the man was not seriously injured. In the afternoon, the police searched for a suspicious woman who was said to have been "intoxicated".

The ambulance had been stolen at around 12:30, according to police in the city center. According to media reports, he is said to have been called to an accident and then involved in an accident. The officers are said to have stopped the car after about 15 minutes of driving. The driver is said to have had a gun with police.

An elderly couple and a woman with a stroller have been hit after police or had to jump aside. Media reported two affected children - so it was twins, one of which is said to have been slightly injured. The police initially did not provide any information.

The investigators have so far no evidence of a terrorist background. "But we are investigating with all our might in all directions," the police said on Twitter.