Half a million fines

38-year-old Muscovite Elena Ivanova lives with her husband and two children in the Tagansky district of Moscow. In the spring of 2019, the Ivanovs decided to issue a resident parking permit. They were warned at the My Documents center: if the family has unpaid parking fines, permission will be denied.

As Elena told RT, on March 1, she received permission and began to park in the zone of his action - near the house and kindergarten, where she took the children. In September, the Ivanovs decided to sell the car and return it to the salon using the Trade-in system. The car was sent for diagnosis and checked for fines. And then it turned out that Elena owed almost half a million rubles for the wrong parking. At the same time, the decisions were not displayed on the website of the State Service, Mos.ru and in the Moscow parking application.

    “I was in shock. Thought it was some kind of misunderstanding. I went to the Deptrans office on Old Basmannaya to sort it out. It turned out that I had 85 fines of five thousand rubles for an unpaid parking lot, for 425 thousand rubles, and there were violations in September. They explained that, it turns out, my resident was suspended on April 23 due to six unpaid fines for 2018. They told me that they warned me about this by a letter sent by Russian Post on April 3. But I didn’t get it. Moreover, if they were, then they would refuse me a resident permit, ”says Elena.

    After that, she turned to the press service of the State Commercial Institution AMPP, which is responsible for the functioning of paid parking in the capital, with a request to tell her what to do in this situation. After the appeal, the resident permit was restored, saying that those six fines were paid, although Elena did nothing.

    “I didn’t understand anything. I expected them to delve into the situation and tell me what to do, how to challenge these 85 fines. But they only said that everything was legal, and notified me about everything with the Russian Post. Only they had data on 31 decisions. They asked to pay them as soon as possible, otherwise the resident will be suspended again. And I didn’t understand why the resident permit didn’t work with six fines, but it works with 31, ”Ivanova wonders.

    As Elena explained, at first she thought that she was offered to pay any 31 fines out of 85 to choose from, but it turned out that GKP “AMPP” simply didn’t have the whole base and they didn’t see the rest of the decisions.

    Also, the motorist’s press service reported that the notice of fines came to her the address of the residence before last, and not to the new address that was indicated when the residence permit was issued. In addition, there were no push notifications about the suspension of permission in the Moscow parking mobile application - it was displayed there all this time as active.

    “It is also strange that all fines appeared only at the end of September. Indeed, in April and early September, we flew abroad. Somehow, our friends weren’t released because of unpaid decisions, and now I automatically check everything on state services and the bailiff’s website before departure. There were no fines! ”Says Elena.

    To prove her innocence, Elena decided to go to court. However, out of ignorance, she did it wrong, and the deadlines for appealing the decisions have passed.

      “It turns out that each decision must be appealed separately and each time a separate package of documents must be collected. That is, there should be 85 separate productions in total. While we collected everything, the deadlines passed. Now we are preparing a lawsuit in the Moscow City Court, ”says Ivanova.

      “Got into an unpleasant situation”

      Meanwhile, the press service of GKU "AMPP" RT reported that they suspended the resident permit to a Muscovite legally.

      “The validity of the parking permit was suspended due to unpaid fines - at the time of issuing the parking permit, the payment deadline had not yet expired, so there were no obstacles to issuing a resident permit. We understand that the motorist was in a very unpleasant situation, however, the GCC "AMPP" act strictly within the law. Now the car owner’s parking permit is valid so that she does not receive new fines for non-payment of parking, despite the fact that other unpaid fines are the basis for its suspension. We will carefully study this situation, but we recommend that the motorist go to court, ”said Philippe Konyukhov, head of the press service.

      In addition, he added that according to article 29.11 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation, decisions are sent by “Russian Post” to the address indicated when registering the car with the traffic police. And to change the delivery address it is not enough just to enter a new one when applying for a resident permit.

      System problem

      The coordinator of the Blue Buckets community, Peter Shkumatov, told RT that Elena is not the only one who has encountered this problem.

      “This is a system: the lack of notifications, letters to the wrong address, repeated fines. This situation was, is and will be, despite how the story of Elena resolves. Only many do not have such a large amount and it is easier for them to pay a few fines than to prove something. I don’t understand why, knowing the mobile phone of motorists, Deptrans still has not mastered the practice of SMS notification, ”said the auto expert.

      Shkumatov believes that Elena’s fines are illegal and that an official who did not notify the motorist about six fines on time due to which a resident parking permit was suspended must be held liable.

      “Such situations should be interpreted in favor of the person, and not in favor of the system,” the auto expert summed up.