The Fujairah Misdemeanor Court began hearing the case of a Gulf national accused of disturbing a Gulf of the same nationality by sending messages via WhatsApp at various times of the day. The defendant acknowledged sending good morning messages and did not expect to be annoying.

The details of the case are due to the receipt of a report through the competent police station, which annoys the victim by repeatedly sending messages to her, which led to the inconvenience, especially during her sleep in the morning, while the Public Prosecution referred the case to the court for causing inconvenience.

Faced with the charges against him, he said he did not know that the victim was part of the group that sent him morning and evening prayers, and letters containing "good morning" and other public messages, which he sent daily to his friends and family.

He pointed out that the victim did not send him anything indicating disturbed by his letters to refrain from sending them, stressing that he was surprised by the lawsuit filed against him.

The court decided to postpone the verdict in the case to next week's hearing.

The Tribunal adjourned the judgment in the case to complete the hearings.