Geneva (AP) - China wants to impose new punitive tariffs on US exports in the amount of 2.4 billion dollars (2.15 billion euros). This is clear from a letter published by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The WTO Dispute Settlement Committee will discuss the request on 28 October. The US could appeal, then arbitrators would decide on the amount of the sum.

Background is a dispute from the year 2012. China complained then about US countervailing duties. The Washington had imposed, because China, according to US conviction, paid state enterprises illicit subsidies. WTO mediators criticized the US action, whereupon the US adjusted their countervailing duties. China did not go far enough, and in July 2019, WTO arbitrators confirmed that the US had not fully implemented earlier judgments.

According to the WTO statutes, the counterparty is then entitled to punitive duties. So it was in the case of illegal subsidies for the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. At the beginning of October, the WTO mediator had allowed the US punitive tariffs on EU imports worth 7.5 billion dollars. The first additional duties on aircraft, cheese, wine and oil came into force last week.