• Whirlpool. Workers arriving in procession under the headquarters of the Region, "Naples does not give up"
  • No steps forward for Whirlpool. Chigi Palace table. The company: closes November 1st
  • Whirlpool, Conte: company ready to suspend sale until October 31st


21 October 2019

Industry general and tertiary strike, in the metropolitan area of ​​Naples, on the day indicated by Whirlpool as the deadline before the sale of the production plants in Naples. It was decided jointly, for 4 hours, by CGIL, CISL and UIL "to say no to the closure of the Whirlpool in Naples and yes to a development plan for Naples and the South".

On October 31 in Naples, a procession will start from Piazza Mancini to reach Piazza del Gesù Nuovo where the closure with the rally is scheduled. "The future of Naples does not exist without industry", the unions warn: "The Whirlpool affair is emblematic of a process of de-industrialization that has been going on for years and that has seen institutions inert or powerless. This process must be stopped. They do not exist - they say explaining the reasons for the strike - industrial reasons to justify the disengagement Whirlpool from Naples. Every possible project must see the Whirlpool involved. The Government cannot allow the commitments undertaken by the multinationals to be waste paper ".

Whirlpool "must remain in Naples. Government, Region, Metropolitan City and Municipality put into play all that is in their power to ensure compliance with commitments", the unions warn: "The Government clearly defines support actions in terms of intervention direct and industrial policy on the main production chains of Southern Italy ". And "the Region uses the current EU funds and individuals in the next programming resources and tools necessary to support the productive activities of the territory".

Local institutions, "primarily the Region, the Metropolitan City and the Municipality of Naples", attack the unions, "have so far been incapable of creating a system. It is time for this to end and for the institutional conflict to be replaced by an organic development project of the Region of which Naples and its Metropolitan Area are the driving force "The Government, say Cgil, Cisl and Uil of Naples," must immediately support, from the choices of this budget law, an organic and special intervention for Naples and for its Metropolitan Area founded on 6 axes: certainty of financing and effective start of the reclamation of Bagnoli, definition of an extraordinary intervention for the reclamation of East Naples, financial and regulatory strengthening of the 'zes' for their immediate start, refinancing of an extraordinary plan for the social and economic recovery of the large urban suburbs of Naples, immediate opening, in transparency and safety, of all the yards financed on ordinary procedures or contained in the development pact of Naples and Campania, strengthening of the PA through the coverage of staff and the fight against precariousness, in order to make fundamental rights effective that today in Naples are strongly compromised starting from the right to health, to safety and education; measures to counter the unacceptable growth in accidents and deaths at work ".

"In the last 10 years, the Naples Metropolitan Area - remember CGIL, CISL and UIL - has lost about 40% of its industrial production capacity. Too many industries have already been closed and as many today are facing crisis situations or production difficulties ". Areas that "cannot tolerate further weakening of their productive capacity, on pain of the concrete risk of a true industrial desertification and of the same social estate".