According to the party, when creating the commission, a forgery of documents was committed.

“Vasilevskaya-Smaglyuk ... arbitrarily indicated herself to be the chairman of the temporary investigative commission and a member of the commission without a corresponding representation of the fraction, after which ... she submitted a draft resolution to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for consideration and adoption,” the political website said in a statement.

After analyzing the project and supporting documents in the Opposition Platform - For Life, we concluded that the information provided by the head of the commission on the activities of the 112 Ukraine, NEWSONE and ZIK television channels was untrue.

In this regard, the party is calling for criminal prosecution of Vasilevskaya-Smaglyuk for official forgery, abuse of power and official position, as well as counteraction to the legitimate economic activities of television channels.

The party reminded that prior to being elected as a deputy from the “Servant of the People” Vasilevskaya-Smaglyuk worked in the Studio 1 + 1 television company and owned a share of the 1 + 1 PRODUCTION TV channel.

“There is reason to conclude that the purpose of initiating the Vasilevskaya-Smagluk creation of the VSK is precisely the elimination of the 112 Ukraine, NEWSONE and ZIK TV channels to eliminate competitors from the media business, including through the introduction of political repression and compromise,” concluded the “Opposition platform - For a life".

Earlier, the head of the political council of the Opposition Platform - For Life, Viktor Medvedchuk, accused the Ukrainian authorities of attacking television channels calling for peace in the Donbass.

On October 17, the Verkhovna Rada set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the actions of the 112 Ukraine, NEWSONE and ZIK television channels and to counteract the “informational impact” of Russia.