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The fight against packaging is invited to the Natexpo organic professionals fair (Image d'illustration). AFP Photos / Alain Jocard

At Natexpo, the trade show for organic and natural professionals, the fight against packaging and waste is important and the trend is gaining in the area of ​​personal hygiene and cosmetics.

With our special correspondent in Villepinte, Marie Casadebaig

In the aisles of the Natexpo Lounge, you'll find everything you need to meet the challenge of having bathroom cabinets that are almost plastic-free . Products with a minimum of packaging, often made of cardboard, like the shampoo manufactured and sold by ecoconseil, a French brand sold by Éva Péricou: " It looks like a soap. So, we simply rub on our hair. We have about the same system as for solid shampoo, we have a beard soap that is simply used with a badger . In the eco-friendly bathroom, the disposable cotton swabs have disappeared in favor of a reusable stick. Cotton also removes: " We have reusable wipes, that is to say washable " .

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On the stand next door, the toothbrush is bamboo and toothpaste crunch. Isabelle Hausterman is sales manager of The Humble Co, a Swedish brand: " It's like chewing gum. We chew and suddenly, it's a paste, like a paste of toothpaste and we brush our teeth .

60 % water in shampoos in bottles

More tubes, but no more water in the composition of this toothpaste. This is a trend in the green products sector. After zero waste, products without water: " We use less water in manufacturing. We do not need plastic bottles to hold the product, so it's better for the planet. It is less heavy transport level . Knowing that most cosmetics contain mostly water. On average, 60% in a bottle of shampoo.