October 21, 2019The President of the United States of America Donald Trump tied a 'bondage' style and was brutalized by an angry woman in sportswear. This is the subject of the last advertising campaign of the US sportswear company Dhvani, obviously made using a double of the US President.

An advertisement that stands out, among other things, right in the center of New York, in Time Square, one of the iconic places of world advertising. The sportswear company thus takes a stand against an anti-abortion provision by the Trump administration, referring to the family planning clinics that receive federal funds.

"It is a beautiful case of provocative communication and commitment to a cause by a company, of which I underline the courage to 'play' with the image of the Commander-in-Chief to arouse clamor and also, let's not hide it, to give visibility to the brand ", comments Davide Ciliberti, spin doctor of public relations firm Purple & Noise, to the AdnKronos.

The choice of Dhvani, whose campaign started in the past few days, weighed more than legal risks on those of loss of turnover, risks that did not come true: an advertising campaign that was so clearly anti-Trump could cause the reaction not to buy its products. company in US consumers who support the President in general or who particularly appreciate their abortion positions.

It is no coincidence that Dhvani, in the words of its managing director Avi Brown, told the American media: "We realize that some of our customers will disagree with our activism and that is fine by us. We are not afraid to do bold statements and exercise our rights contained in the first amendment ". An audacity that was rewarded by consumers, given that according to the company, sales immediately increased.

"It is certainly not the first case of its kind in the United States where President Trump has already become the object of advertising provocation several times. An inconceivable thing probably here in Italy where to joke with politicians, institutions risk at least the blocking of the campaign and either a lawsuit, let alone the figure of our Prime Minister or President of the Republic ", underlines Ciliberti.

"The companies we tend to be a little more, let me pass the term" Christian Democrats. "Intimidated by consequences and above all loss of consensus and sales. Dhavani instead here has put herself in play to marry a lawsuit against a powerful - concludes Ciliberti - in the most striking manner also for the purpose of communication obviously ".