Altogether, on Saturday 23 wild boars were felled, which the hunters see as a successful result given the conditions.

- There is so much water in the wetlands right now, so the pigs go in there when they feel safe in there. Which makes it difficult to get them out, but nevertheless it was a successful hunt, says patron Alexander Zimmerman.

The hunt provides results

Since February, a total of 56 wild boars have been killed and according to Alexander, who is one of the shelter hunters who are often out on the Onsala peninsula, the number of alarms has decreased over the past two months.

- We have hunted more actively around problem areas, around housing, embankments and fields, which has produced good results, he says.

Can you ever get rid of the wild boar completely?

- Wild boars are game that we learn to live with, we will not be able to remove all, so gardens will continue to be raised as long as you do not set up fences, says Alexander.