It was around 16 when another road user called the police and told them that the car had been over several times in the approaching lane and had driven halfway down the ditch and up again.

"On the one hand he has wobbled and on the other he has made some kind of detour that is considered very dangerous," said police spokesman Erik Terneborn.

Between Vingåker and Katrineholm, a police patrol picked up the car and forced the driver to stop. It turned out that the man had been watching movies on his cellphone while driving.

Got to go on

After the law was tightened last year, it was forbidden to hold the mobile phone in hand while driving. SVT Sörmland has previously been able to show that it is very common for car drivers to film while driving, movies posted on Snapchat.

The man received a fine of SEK 1500 and was then allowed to drive on.

Erik Terneborn believes that only a fraction of cases come to the attention of the police, because the drivers must be taken on a bare charge.

- Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common, but it is good that people pay attention to it, says Erik Terneborn.