Lebanese singer Majida El Roumi tweeted on her social networking site Twitter about the demonstrations that entered Lebanon on Monday, on Thursday. Magda El Roumi published a video of the demonstrations and commented on her, saying:

"The people said their word, we must respect it, as a tribute to the people of Lebanon on the day of dignity and freedom," she added.

It is noteworthy that the Lebanese cabinet approved today a rescue plan for the economic crisis that is ravaging the country and pushed the Lebanese to take to the street in an unprecedented way, in a move that did not prevent the protesters from continuing to demonstrate.

The council approved a set of steps to tackle the economic crisis that sparked a historic wave of protests, and Prime Minister Saad Hariri said he would support early elections if that was what the demonstrators wanted.

Protesters blocked the streets for a fifth day and schools, banks and businesses closed, hundreds of thousands poured into the streets to express their anger at the political elite, which they say is pushing the economy to the breaking point.The protests continued after Hariri's actions in a televised address from the presidential palace.