Neither of the three tenders is considered acceptable from a cost perspective, according to Inköp Gävleborg, who is responsible for the procurement.

To secure archipelago traffic in the Gävle Bay and enable a shipping company to buy a brand new boat, Gävle Municipality wanted to sign a contract of 15 + 5 years this time. None of the bidders came up with a proposal that included a new boat. This whole idea is no longer relevant.

"The politicians wanted to make it possible for a newly built boat, but now the municipality is facing major savings and the changed financial conditions make this no longer possible," says Marie Grew, traffic planner Gävle municipality.

In practice, these were only two bids when a bid was dropped immediately due to "not having an acceptable risk class for financial stability ..."

Uncertain future for archipelago traffic

What the archipelago traffic looks like in 2020 is now highly uncertain. But Daniel Olsson (S) chairman of the community building committee says that the contract will be taken up as an urgent matter at the committee's meeting on Wednesday.

- We see that the strong environmental requirements are cost-driven and that no one managed them this time. That is why we are doing a new procurement in a shorter time to secure traffic and further investigate how we conduct archipelago traffic in the long term, says Daniel Olsson.

But is it possible for a procurement in such a short time, so that a boat goes to the summer of 2020?

- Yes, we hope so, says Daniel Olsson.