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Lessons you have to teach your daughter to become a strong and happy woman


In order for your daughter to become strong, happy and able to face any situation in life, you have to teach her some things, what seeds must be planted in them to be your daughter tomorrow strong woman with determination and strong personality?

Here are tips provided by the writer Lola Rovati in a report published by the magazine "Pepsi e Mas" Spanish.

you are special
The mother must say to her daughter, “You are unique and unique to you,” and she must instill this belief in her because she is, so if we believe in ourselves, we will be happier.

You a beautiful
Although all women are different, they are all beautiful, and the first to believe it: you. You should love yourself and not let anyone say that you are not beautiful or overweight or have thin legs, and if someone tells you that you can just ignore it.

Tell your daughter, "All I care about is finding what you really like and being what you want."

Don't compare yourself to anyone
Women are unique, so don't think that there is someone better, worse, or prettier than you, and don't fall into the trap of comparisons.

Look for your talent
We all have some talent, look for it inside you, think about what excites you and enjoy it.

Be what you want
Tell your daughter that you are not interested in being a NASA engineer or astronaut.All I care about is finding what you really like, and being as you want.This will make you happy.If your interests change, look for something else you love. ''

Express your feelings
Expressing emotions is a key to happiness, so teach your daughter to express what she feels since her childhood. Suffice it to ask her "what happened with her". It is very important to teach children to recognize their feelings.

Expressing emotions is the key to happiness, so let your daughter know what she feels from her childhood.

say what you want
Sometimes women do not express clearly what they want or do not want, and often say "Well, I do not know, as you want", while mean "I do not want something." In general, you should express the things you want.

Be firm
The concept of firmness is the ability to express your opinions and feelings clearly and directly without shame.

I love your body
You should love yourself and accept your body even if it is not perfect, make sure to exercise and eat healthy food and enjoy it.

Unleash your dreams
You must not stop dreaming, there are no impossible dreams, and do not allow obstacles to discourage you from achieving your dreams.

Tell your daughter, "Unleash your dreams, no dreams are impossible."

Be spontaneous
Children should never lose their spontaneity, such as dancing and singing shamelessly.

Do not stop reading
Although children now live in the entertainment age with so many things to interest, it's nothing better than reading a good book.

Be committed
Teach the girl that she should not achieve everything in her mind, or do everything correctly, but must adhere to the things she has chosen, whether with people or projects completed.

Try again and again
There are things that do not cost a lot of effort, but the goals that will give the girl the most overwhelming happiness than others are where she has made the most effort to reach.

Not related to the material
Happiness does not lie in material things; the real value and the rest lie in the people around us, because material property is mortal.

Don't rush your age
The desire to grow old is not as pleasant as many girls think, and the girl should enjoy her childhood full of moments of play and innocence to see the world with childish eyes, especially since childhood is a wonderful stage is never compensated.

Be a strong mother
A mother can make her daughter believe in the idea of ​​motherhood, which will give the girl all the emotions she felt from her mother to love, care and care for children in the future.

The girl will give the emotions she felt from her mother to her future children.

Do not give love to those who do not love you
The feeling of love should be mutual, and in general who really loves us will accept us as we are. Love does not harm us and we do not have to ask others.

Get to know yourself
The girl should take the time to think for herself, ponder and ask herself what she likes and dislikes, and evaluate her actions. They should not drain their time in front of the television screen and in playing video games and social networking sites.

Sex education
Discussing sexuality clearly with the girl is good, and she should be taught that if something bothered her, she should tell her parents.

We will always support you
The girl should tell her parents about the things that bother her.It is her right to keep her secrets, but she should not be afraid without telling anyone.You should not hesitate to talk to one of her parents when she needs to, to benefit from their experiences.

Put yourself in the place of others
Teach the girl not to do to others what she does not accept for herself, and be careful with her words and actions so as not to hurt anyone, and it is better to avoid judging others and criticizing them.

Teach your daughter that honesty is a great value for sound education (pix)

Love yourself
This matter is not explained by words but by actions and behaviors, and the mother must motivate her sons (male and female) to protect themselves and to exchange love and support, as the brothers will live together after the departure of parents.

Make friends
Friendship is a very valuable gift to man, perhaps the best way to store a lot of beautiful memories full of joy.

Always be honest
Honesty is a great value signifying sound education and showing in all relationships of love, friendship and action.

Don't allow others to influence you
The girl should be taught to be polite, and to stay away from the lofty people who do not want her good.

Life is beautiful
The mother shares beautiful and special times with her daughter, and even when things do not go well, it is worth reminding the girls that "life is beautiful."

Source: aljazeera

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