Six operating rooms are forced to close by 30 November next year. Hans Ekström, representative of the union union Municipal, believes that the hospital management should have acted earlier.

- If the hospital management had supported better during these years, I think things would have happened before, says Hans Ekström.

Obviously, the department was moving

It is not yet clear when - and where - the business will be relocated to other premises, but an evacuation plan will be presented at the end of October.

See the operations department that must now move, and see more of Hans Ekström's criticism, in the clip above.

"The business is of a very special nature"

Göran Matejka, deputy hospital director at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, says that an attempt was made to find a solution to the problem earlier.

- The health of our employees is one of our top priorities. But then you have to weigh in that the business is of a very special nature, we do not have as many sales halls of that type, he says.

See Göran Matejka respond to the criticism in the clip above.