Late Svedala municipality announced last spring that they do not want a prison, so more and more municipalities are now reporting their interest. The latest in the line is Hässleholm municipality which now wants to start a dialogue with the Prison and Probation Service. Lars Johnsson (M) is the chairman of the local council in Hässleholm:

- We have asked the question to the Prison and Probation Service to see if it can lead anywhere. After all, we are the largest municipality in Skåne so we should be able to find a good place, ”says Lars Johnsson (M).

In Hässleholm, the governing alliance with M, KD and L is in agreement with the opposition parties SD and S that it is unconditional to initiate talks with the Prison and Probation Service to see if it can proceed.

Great interest throughout the country

According to Dagens Echo, 13 Swedish municipalities are now interested in getting the planned facility. In Skåne it is about Kristianstad, Klippan, Hörby, Osby, Trelleborg and now most recently Hässleholm. In recent years, Hässleholm has lost a large number of authorities such as the Public Employment Service, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the Swedish Crown Prosecution Service, and now they want to investigate whether a new institution can save jobs for the municipality:

- It can be about so many jobs that it can be interesting for us, says Lars Johnsson (M).