On Monday, six addictologists sent an open letter to Agnès Buzyn and Marlène Schiappa, as part of the Grenelle against domestic violence. Asked about Europe 1, Jean-Michel Delille, president of the Federation addiction, warns against the "adverse effects" of alcohol.

In full Grenelle against domestic violence, a group of relatives of alcoholic patients, as well as six addictologists, Monday address an open letter to the Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, and the Secretary of State for equality between the women and men, Marlene Schiappa. They recall that alcohol remains one of the main causes of violence against women and calls for appropriate measures.

More than half of the violence related to alcohol consumption

"More than half of domestic violence is linked to the use of alcohol by perpetrators of violence as well as among victims, which can alter their defense capabilities", reminds the microphone of Europe 1 Jean-Michel Delille, president of the Federation addiction. "It's an important issue."

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The specialist warns against the effects of addictive substances. "You may want to drink to appease things, be more relaxed, but in reality, it can have a perverse effect," he warns. "The more alcohol you consume, the more you increase vulnerability and aggression."