Dresden (dpa) - CDU, Greens and SPD start today (11.00 clock) in Dresden their coalition negotiations for a joint government in Saxony.

The Saxon Union was in the state election on 1 September with 32.1 percent of the second votes strongest force before the AfD (27.5 percent). Behind them rank left (10.4), green (8.6) and SPD (7.7). The CDU had already categorically excluded coalitions with the Left and the AfD before the election. Party researchers see Union, Greens and SPD therefore condemned to success. At the end of the day, the SPD and the Greens want to have their members vote on the coalition agreement, and the CDU is to do this with a party congress.

A tripartite alliance never existed in Saxony. After the fall of the Union had governed three times in a row alone, then she had to divide the power three more legislature periods with either the SPD or the FDP. A black-green-red Kenya alliance makes policy only in Saxony-Anhalt. Also in Brandenburg is currently being negotiated. In Saxony, the three potential partners had already formulated common goals in a probe, but also held different points of view.