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Claire Nouvian, one of the founders, with Raphaël Glucksmann, of Place public, announces that she leaves her movement and stops the politics, "disgusted" by the back-kitchen of the parties and their "execrable" practices, in an interview at L'Obs, put on line Monday.

"A handful of intriguers trained at the school of vice of political parties have transformed public place into a classic organ where there are internal struggles and where courtiers succeed more than the combatants," regrets the president of the association Bloom, an NGO defense of the oceans.

According to her, the founders of Place Publique, which had made an alliance with the PS for the Europeans, "were not sufficiently welded and aligned humanly and ethically to prevent behaviors as far removed from our initial promise (...) In my opinion we betrayed this promise. "We have not been able to hide ourselves in terrible political practices, we have experienced our helplessness," she says, denouncing "the pushy".

"We all know, in theory, that politics works this way, according to a feudal system of allegiances, but to make the practical experience of it changes everything." I was disgusted by this form of prostitution of democracy which means that the vilest get the best jobs, "she adds.

About Raphael Glucksmann, she says: "We are not made of the same wood, we do not have the same strengths, I would say that his are his intelligence and his culture, mine my sensitivity and my integrity. Expectations of honesty and courage are not compatible with politics, it is me who is unsuited to this environment. "

As for the PS, it is "a dry machine that no longer knows how to think, which is no longer tense by an ideological quest, which has its own violence." But that was not the only problem (...) All "is degraded when, polls not taking off, the PS wanted to secure his back by involving Cazeneuve, Holland and others".

"The promise of Olivier Faure was to transform the PS from the inside to reach a new horizon: the social-ecology.But this objective can not be achieved with those who, in the PS, are opposed and do not have a microgram of ecological conviction, "she says.

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