The Abu Dhabi Government Services System (TAM) website provides a set of guidelines and precautions through the "Steps to Buy a Used Car" journey to ensure the best possible results.

Most people in Abu Dhabi use B2B portals to assess what is on the market and what is within their budget.

If you find the right vehicle, you should check its accident record so that you have sufficient information on its history and to evaluate its price, you can check the accident record of the car you want to purchase by checking the historical accident record.

The site provides the possibility to know the previous incidents of the car to be purchased by entering the chassis number in the search engine dedicated to the site "Done".

The site strongly recommends reviewing the latest technical inspection report for the vehicle you want to buy, noting that there are 11 certified technical inspection centers for vehicles from ADNOC in Abu Dhabi.

If you want to apply for a car loan, you should refer to your bank for details on the financing, along with a list of the documents that banks usually require to apply for a car loan namely salary certificate, fill out a car loan application form, a valid visa, a driving license. - Bank statement (3 - 6 months depending on the bank).

The site warns that technical inspection of the vehicle is mandatory when renewing the ownership of the car, buying a used car, importing a car, changing the chassis or engine of the car, or in case of changing the tires by the police.


- Check the car 165 AED.

- Re-check the car (2 times for AED 50).

- Change of information and permit services 50 AED.

- Reprinting 40 AED certificate.

- Testing UAE standards AED 495.