The Canadians choose a new parliament. The latest polls see liberals and conservatives with about 30 to 34 percent in about the same amount. First election results are expected on Tuesday morning (CEST).

Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has led the Canadian government since 2015 by an absolute majority. He has legalized marijuana and has taken in more than 25,000 Syrian refugees. However, he could not keep some of his election promises, such as electoral reform or a balanced budget until 2019. He is also accused of racism and corruption.

Canadian MPs are elected by direct majority vote. Of particular importance are traditionally the densely populated areas around the city of Toronto. Around 27 million citizens are called to vote

Election in Canada - It could be scarce Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hopes in the parliamentary elections, despite racist allegations for a second term. He could be dependent on the Social Democrats for that. © Photo: Don MacKinnon / AFP / Getty Images