"The motion will not be debated." John Bercow, Speaker of the British House of Commons, on Monday, October 21, opposed a debate in the House of Commons on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit agreement with the European Union.

The "speaker" explained that the Commons had already pronounced on this subject, Saturday, by adopting an amendment that postpones any vote on Brexit until the necessary legislation for its implementation has been passed in Parliament.

"In summary, the motion presented today is the same as the one that was presented on Saturday and the House has made its decision on this matter.The circumstances today are the same as Saturday," he said before MPs.

"Repetitive and messy"

"My decision is therefore that the motion will not be debated today because it would be repetitive and messy," he continued.

John Bercow has invited Boris Johnson's government to submit Brexit bills for Parliament's consideration as early as Monday if he so wishes, assuring him of the full co-operation of the Commons to scrutinize them. the end
of the month.