The news of the people who lived separately in a farm in Ruinerwold in Drenthe raises many questions. According to the police, it can therefore take weeks before the police can determine what exactly is going on. What do we know so far and what not about this remarkable case?

Monday night a 25-year-old man sounded the alarm at a cafe in Ruinerwold. The owner of the pub has told several media what the confused-looking man told us that evening. For example, he said he spent nine years withdrawn from the outside world on the farm and that he was worried about his brothers and sisters.

The police are called in for this. Worn-out officers found six people in the farm - presumably a father and five of his adult children - in a room that, according to the police, is large enough for six people. The now adult children have ages from 18 to 25 years and have been cared for in a holiday park according to RTV Noord .

Various media, including, reported based on RTV Drenthe that the family would wait for 'the end of time', but this has not yet been confirmed by the police.

On Monday, a 25-year-old man sounded the alarm in café De Kastelein in Ruinerwold (Photo: Pro Shots)

On Monday a first suspect was arrested

The police arrested a first suspect in the investigation the day after the discovery. This is the 58-year-old tenant of the building. It was announced on Thursday that he will be detained for fourteen days.

According to the AD it is handyman Josef B., who was born in Austria. He is suspected of co-perpetrating deprivation of liberty and mistreatment by harming the health of others, but the police have not yet confirmed this information either.

The police arrested a second suspect in the investigation of the family on Thursday. This is the 67-year-old suspected father of the family, who is suspected of the same as Josef B. In addition, he is also suspected of money laundering because a large sum of money has been found in the farm, the origin of which is still unclear.

Sometimes the residents came to the farm's garden, but the grounds were never abandoned. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Residents never left the site

Thursday night police chief Janny Knol told Pauw that the arrest of the suspected father "has a huge impact" on the children. This is because they have lived together for nine years in an enclosed space.

In contrast to what was previously suspected, daylight entered this space. Sometimes the residents came to the farm's garden, but the grounds were never abandoned.

According to the family, the mother of the family died in 2004 - before they moved to Ruinerwold. However, the Public Prosecution Service cannot confirm this, because her death has never been reported to authorities.

Young people are currently being interrogated for criminal investigation. The oldest of them, who raised the alarm in the café, is heard separately, Knol reports. That would be best "considering the situation".


Police about the Drenthe family: 'Children never registered'

Link between Moon cult and suspected father

In Pauw 's broadcast, Wim Koetsier, the Secretary General of the Moon movement in the Netherlands, also confirmed that there is a connection between the presumed father of the now grown-up children and the Moon sect. This after earlier reporting from RTV Drenthe .

The father was a member of that movement until the 1980s, according to Koetsier. Originally South Korean Moon sect, officially referred to as the Church of the Association, is known for its aggressively described conversion methods and mass marriages.

In the nineties, D. would have had plans to found a commune with addicts. De Volkskrant discovered that he bought three pieces of pasture for this at a forest in Staphorst. However, the plan never got off the ground and the plots were overgrown.


Drenthe family linked to Moon sect: What exactly is that?

What do we not yet know about the case?

When the family was discovered, the residents informed the police to form a family. However, young people who have reached the age of majority are not registered in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP). Whether it actually concerns a family is therefore still uncertain.

There is also still much uncertainty about the identity and involvement of Josef B. and the suspected father. In the interest of the investigation, the police are reluctant to share information about the suspects.

Josef B.'s brother did talk about B. in the AD . He calls him greedy, very calculating and unpredictable. He told the newspaper that he was not surprised by the drama. "Josef had a very strong persuasion."

The family of the presumed father has announced in a press release that he broke all ties with his family in the 1980s. Four children were also said to have fled the family eight years ago, when the family still lived in Hasselt.

The police also have no answer to the question whether the residents lived by their own free will, or whether they lived there under duress. There are suspicions that it was not of free will, but it is expected that it will take weeks before the police can finally determine what exactly is going on.


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