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Union Bordeaux-Bègles, beaten only by the Lyon leader so far, has fallen heavily in Brive (30-9), while Montpellier, failing to reassure himself, breathes after knocking down the French champion Toulouse (33). -22) still empty-handed outside.

After Clermont, Toulon and Toulouse, it is the turn of the UBB to surrender to Amédée-Domenech.

Certainly, the Bordelo-Begles made it difficult, with the red card brandished against their captain Diaby in the 9th minute for a veneer cathedral on Laranjeira, fell on the head.

But if the men of Christophe Urios held out in numerical inferiority until the 42nd minute (13-9), they slowly folded during a second period carried out drumming by the Corréziens. And not content to afford the scalp of a new Top 14 Cador, Brive has also pocketed his first offensive bonus of the season with a third try scored in the 75th (30-9).

In a duel of teams looking for points and certainties, Montpellier, who remained on four games without a win (3 defeats, 1 draw), managed to tame the defending champion of Toulouse (33-22) who still has not win any success outside.

Toulouse's defensive errors in the first half, despite a Thomas Ramos positioned at the opening, were punished by a double of Gabriel Ngandebe and a severe 20-3 at the break. Timoci Nagusa then sealed a win that Heraultais had missed since day three. In five trips, Toulouse has only one bonus point.

In four trips, Castres has never pocketed the slightest point and lost this time to Pau (37-24). The minimalist men's play by Mauricio Reggiardo did not carry the weight in the first half (17-0 just before the break) against Palois who remained on three reverse ranks.

But the bench castrais played more liberated and shakes the Palois to the end (37-24). Pau, racing at the Hamlet by the Racing (31-3), takes the colors and balances its balance sheet (4 wins, 4 losses).

Despite announcements from owner-president Hans-Peter Wild, who confirmed South African coach Heyneke Meyer and announced the arrival of Thomas Lombard as general manager, Stade Français failed to chaining a second consecutive success.

With two tries, Agen had dug a first gap before seeing the Parisians, nonexistent until then, come back in the space of four minutes before and after the break. But patiently, putting their hands on the ball, Lot-et-Garonnais have tamed (27-14) their opponents too unruly (13 penalties conceded).

The Stade Français is still the red lantern of the championship and even sees the gap widen before him with the victories of Pau, Agen and Brive.

Toulon put forward the values ​​of the fight in Mayol to bring down the surprising promoted Bayonne (20-9). Without being glittering, the Rouge et Noir relied on the power of their forwards to sign a second home game without cashing a try (20-9).

La Rochelle, still undefeated at Marcel-Deflandre, receives in the evening a Racing 92 which he is wary of the performances out of his base (1 victory, 2 defensive bonuses).

Sunday, whatever the result, Lyon will remain leader of this Top 14, in front of the UBB which retains its second place. The only team still unbeaten, the LOU moves to Clermont-Ferrand to try the pass of eight. A test of magnitude in the bastion auvergnat.

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