Former Prime Minister Theresa May announced Saturday her unreserved support for the Boris Johnson Brexit agreement , which will finally be submitted to parliamentary vote next week.

In his second parliamentary intervention since his resignation in July, May warned deputies: "If we want to avoid" no deal, "we have to vote for this agreement . "

With a white jacket and one of his bulky necklaces, May took off her glasses at the time of emphasizing her support for the agreement agreed by Johnson: "Companies want certainty, people want certainty, and this is the moment . "

May referred veiledly to the three failed attempts to approve his Brexit agreement and used the anecdote of rugby player Jonny May, marking in two attempts for England.

"I plan to rebel against all those who do not want us to vote to meet Brexit," said the former premier, in a dart launched against the rebel tories expelled from the party.

May's vote is in any case among the 266 votes of loyal conservatives that Boris Johnson has in advance, which needs to reach a majority of 320 with the support of the Spartan or Eurosceptics of the hard wing, with about twenty conservatives expelled and with at least a dozen Brexit supporters.

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