The judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón has ordered this Saturday new closures of websites related to the Tsunami Democàtic platform, which is coordinating part of the protests against the sentence of the process.

As sources of the investigation have explained, one of the objectives is to stop the dissemination of the application through which this organization is spreading its mobilizations against the sentences handed down by the Supreme Court.

The same sources indicate that it has been a very wide request for collaboration directed against various computer domains. They add that it has already been attended by, among others, Google . Blocking requests extend to websites hosted outside of Spain.

The judicial initiative, which has the backing of the Prosecutor's Office, completes the one carried out this Friday, directed against the Tsunami Democràtic website. His internet address in Spain was blocked, but on social networks there were numerous solutions to prevent the performance of the Civil Guard.

The secret investigation opened at the National Court, within which the closures have been agreed, was opened for a possible terrorist offense. It was the same court, in a different case, that at the end of September sent seven members of the Defense Committees of the Republic ( CDR ) to prison for, among other crimes, belonging to a terrorist group.

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