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The beautiful Brazilian who use the mafias for internet scams: "Taste women, it's not my fault"


«They are false, they are cruel. They combine feelings and extortion about innocent people. I am very sorry for what is happening. With her ideal son-in-law, perfect husband, partner of curro r

  • Scam: This is how the Nigerian 'robacorazones' who pretend to be handsome white surgeons fall in love (and get scammed) online
  • Scam. "He told me he loved me, but he was not a surgeon from the USA but a Nigerian scammer from Alicante"

«They are false, they are cruel. They combine feelings and extortion about innocent people. I am very sorry for what is happening.

With his ideal son-in-law, perfect husband, fellow curro resultón, neighbor Buenorro and superpapá Cachondón, one could say that Fernando Gomes Pinto , a 43-year-old Brazilian, is a fairly famous guy in at least two countries of the globe - which, in addition , they ignore each other.

It is obviously in Brazil , his, where he has built a profitable professional career, as a neurosurgeon, and media, with habitual television appearances (formerly in Rede Globo , now with his own program on the channel called Television Girl Scouts ), and with a couple of successful outreach books published.

And it is, much to his dismay, in Nigeria . And why in Nigeria? Well, because Nigeria is, together with Russia , according to the general consensus of half-world police, one of the world's biggest scam factories on the Internet - everything else seems to be manufactured in China .

And from Nigeria, where even clandestine manuals are produced to carry out this kind of deception, all over the world: in an incredible gas light spread through social networks, thousands of women around the world have fallen in love with Dr. Fernando . Of his smile picaruela and promising. Of those eyes awake, inviting. Of a hair that, it is not known how, always seems freshly styled / disheveled. It is that, demons, if a machine generated to the perfect bait, the Casanova 7.0, the cybernetic Don Juan, would not leave precisely him?

From the dreamed love, to the nightmare

Gomes Pinto is one of the faces most used worldwide for the scam of the lover boy , according to the Spanish Police, whose Unit attached to the Courts of Plaza de Castilla, in Madrid , has arrested several Nigerians for the nth scam resting on his face .

A hoax in which the victim believes they have linked online (in flirting portals, or through social networks, or directly by mail) with a handsome man full of understanding and affection, or with an explosive woman with a very white heart - that is , he thinks he has won the lottery-, but in reality he ends up releasing a few thousand euros, dragged by a fake crush, to some unscrupulous professionals of the scam (and of psychology, God lives) who hide behind some resultona photos and a lot of work - in the case clarified in Madrid , two Nigerians entrenched in a minipiso of Alicante -.

"If even my own friends, in Brazil, have received invitations by social networks to profiles presumably mine, with other names," explains Fernando himself, the real one, to THE WORLD. This newspaper published two weeks ago a report on the thirties of Spaniards ripped off by this system - the two Nigerians in Alicante blew half a million euros in total to 30 women - and it was Gomes Pinto himself who contacted EL WORLD, a bit tired of putting out fires here and there: «My team and I have counted about 400 fake profiles using my photos around the world, and it is true that I have heard that most of them are Nigerian, but it is impossible to guarantee that all come from that country, ”he explains.

A fake passport created by scammers with the photo of Gomes Pinto.

A million followers on Facebook

The man, who has almost 800,000 followers on Instagram and just over a million on Facebook, has posted many videos warning of the scam, repeating over and over again that no, it's not him, that they use his image. However, in an improbable international pirouette, scammers use even those same videos to fool women: they bend the sound track by lavishing phrases in love with the beloved on duty, and where Dr. Gomes said "Beware of scammers" , now a professional Nigerian of the scam says: "I love you, my love" - ​​this same case has occurred, for example, in the scam headed by the Police Unit attached to Plaza de Castilla -.

Does he know that this is so, that even his warning videos are used to deceive? "No," replies laconic. "I always appeal to them using the blue Instagram and Facebook certification, and we pass reports to the Brazilian Police."

The reality: married and with four children

Let's go to the salseo : who is Fernando Gomes Pinto really? «I am 44 years old, I am married, I have four children. I am a neurosurgeon, a professor at the University of Sao Paulo , and I work in the communication of health issues. I have been out since 2013 on several TV shows and have already published eight books ». Useless question: why do you think that precisely your photos are the perfect bait? «Maybe because I am photogenic and like women».

By the way, in another unique twist, and probably taking advantage of the sexy pull of the character, one of his latest books is titled Neuroscience of Love . And what does your wife think, envied by tens of thousands, of all this, by the way? "My wife is very sorry for these women, she has received many emails herself and always tries to help," the man apologizes as he can.

Given that some of the victims fall in love with Fernando and, even after the intervention of the Police, refuses to stop dreaming of the arrival of his Brazilian blue prince - this is the case of one of the scams in Spain, a resident in Pamplona, ​​tells another of the victims - what does he say to the women he involuntarily falls in love with: "I recommend that you follow my authentic social networks, read my books." And it ends, always gallant, in the real version or in the fake : "And never stop loving."

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