The presumed father of the family who lived in isolation in Ruinerwold in Drenthe, deregistered with the municipality in 2009 and registered themselves as "emigrated." The Public Prosecution Service (OM) confirms this after reporting by De Stentor.

The OM Northern Netherlands has taken over the spokesmanship in this case from the police.

Currently, continuous research is still taking place at the home where the husband and his five suspected children lived in seclusion. Among other things, the police have closed the airspace above Ruinerwold. She would suffer from drones.

Link between Moon cult and suspected father

Wim Koetsier, the general secretary of the Moon movement Netherlands, already confirmed that there is a connection between the presumed father of the now grown children and the Moon sect. This after earlier reporting from RTV Drenthe .

The father was a member of that movement until the 1980s, according to Koetsier. Originally South Korean Moon sect, officially referred to as the Church of the Association, is known for its aggressively described conversion methods and mass marriages.


Drenthe family linked to Moon sect: What exactly is that?

In the nineties, D. would have had plans to found a commune with addicts. De Volkskrant discovered that he bought three pieces of pasture for this at a forest in Staphorst. However, the plan never got off the ground and the plots were overgrown.

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