Munich (AP) - After the re-election of Markus Söder as party leader, the CSU party congress in Munich today is all about the great party reform.

The executive proposal of the Executive Board aims to make the CSU more modern, younger, more female and the leading digital party in Germany. The reform is intended to complete Söder's renewal of the party this year. The CSU hopes that it will be more successful in the coming elections for new and young voters.

The reform, which was criticized on Friday at the start of the party congress by the base, for example, because of lack of transparency and participation possibilities, is to expand among other things, the 40-percent women's quota from the state and district executive boards on the county councils. A quota of women is not uncontroversial in the CSU, so it is also unclear whether there are major debates.

The CSU also expected CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer as a guest in the Olympiahalle. Söder had repeatedly stressed in recent days that his party would warmly welcome the Minister of Defense, which is quite controversial in the Union. Söder and Kramp-Karrenbauer maintain a very trusting relationship and have been trying for months to close cooperation between the two sister parties.

At the start of the party congress on Friday, the CSU Söder had clearly strengthened its re-election back: The 52-year-old was confirmed by the delegates with 91.3 percent in office. In his first election in January Söder had still received 87.4 percent. With great approval, the delegates also backed the political course promoted by Söder. The Franke had ordered the CSU in recent weeks, a much "greener course" because he hopes that the CSU can chase away the Green vote.

Furthermore, the CSU had voted by a large majority against a primary election of the Chancellor candidate of the Union. The Junge Union had demanded that the chancellor candidate of the CSU and CDU no longer be proposed by the leaders of the sister parties, but should be elected by all members. Söder and Kramp-Karrenbauer refused. Already a week ago, the Junge Union had demanded at the federal level to appoint the chancellor candidates of CDU and CSU by primary vote. Many in the Union see this as an attempt to prevent a candidature of Kramp-Karrenbauers.

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