Alarms about a fight at Gothenburg Central Station were received just before 3:30 am on Saturday morning.

"A woman called and shouted hysterically that a man had been stabbed," says Thomas Fuxborg, police spokesman.

He describes the place as chaotic when they arrive.

- There are many people there and a high intoxication and upset mood.

Died in hospital

Police on the spot quickly find the young injured man lying on the ground and cut to life-saving measures.

"He has lost consciousness and the police are keeping him alive until the ambulance arrives," said police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg.

The man who is 20 years of age should have been cut in the throat and later died in hospital.

Suspects are pointed out by witnesses

The suspected perpetrator, even at the age of 20, is identified on the scene and arrested. The police theory is that several of those who were at the murder scene should have been at the same party in a local area.

- Nine witnesses are taken in for questioning and the knife used is seized, says Thomas Fuxborg of the West Region Police.

During Saturday, interrogations will be held with witnesses and the suspected perpetrator. Police are investigating the incident as murder.