The weather was on the runners' best side today when the start of the Växjö Marathon went at 11 am. One of the runners was Suzanne Wallén, who is a used marathon runner. Today's race was her third as she came to Växjö to run.

- It's a goal, a challenge with the training. I train more for myself, says Suzanne Wallén.

Expect to get around at 4:30

This year's race is number 26 in the order. The race is a little over 42 kilometers long and goes around Lake Växjösjön. Suzanne Walllén expects to get around the course in about four hours and 30 minutes. On her license plate is printed veteran.

- You are veteran after 35. So you don't have to be that old, and higher up there are not many left - at least when it comes to women, says Suzanne.