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“The Queen of the War-heaters has come out of the wings”: Clinton openly accused the Democrat candidate of ties to Russia


Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke about tactics that Moscow will allegedly use to influence the results of the U.S. presidential election in 2020. In her opinion, the Kremlin intends to help Donald Trump to be re-elected to the post of head of state with the help of a candidate from the third party, who is specially “raised” for this purpose. This statement was answered by Tulsi Gabbard, who had previously been accused by the American media of having ties to Russia. She called Clinton “the queen among the instigators of war” and “the personification of corruption” and called for a new presidential race. Meanwhile, experts interviewed by RT doubt that the former head of the State Department will decide to participate in yet another election campaign.

The presidential elections in the United States of America are a little over a year away - the vote is scheduled for November 3, 2020 - however, it is not yet necessary to say which member of the Democratic Party will become the opponent of the current head of state Donald Trump.

The fourth round of debates among Democratic candidates took place this week. Its result, as CNN notes, was the change of leader in this "inner-party race." In the first place in preferences, ahead of former US Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren came out.

Meanwhile, do not discount the ex-US Secretary of State and the Democratic candidate in 2016, Hillary Clinton. On October 8, the head of the White House urged her to join the new presidential race.

"I believe that a corrupt Hillary Clinton should enter the race (presidential. - RT) in order to try (win. - RT) and steal (this opportunity. - RT) from the far left Elizabeth Warren," Trump wrote.

In response, she urged Trump to return to her duties.

“Do not tempt me. Take care of your work, ”said the former head of the US State Department on Twitter.

This week, Clinton gave an interview to the Capmaign HQ podcast, calling the 45th president of the United States "the dream of Vladimir Putin." She also allegedly revealed the Kremlin’s plans for the 2020 American election campaign.

At the same time, the main “trick” of Hillary’s statement was the use of anti-Russian rhetoric to discredit the US presidential candidate from the Democrats themselves. In her opinion, Moscow allegedly intends to help Trump to be re-elected through the separation of a democratic electorate.

“The Russians have laid eyes on one woman participating in democratic primaries and are raising her to make them a candidate for the third party. She is the favorite candidate of the Russians, ”Clinton said, without specifying the name of the mysterious“ favorite of the Kremlin. ”

She added that Moscow allegedly uses many “sites, bots and other means” to support this candidate. The ex-Secretary of State, of course, could not provide concrete examples. Meanwhile, Clinton made secure, adding that such a development of events may not be.

“This is if Jill Stein refuses to participate in the election race, which may not happen, because she is also a Russian agent. Yes, she is a Russian agent, there is no doubt about it. They know that they cannot win without a candidate from the third party, ”said the former US Secretary of State.

Stein was a U.S. presidential candidate from the Green Party in 2012 and 2016. She, like the Trump team, was suspected of “ties to Russia,” including because of her appearance on RT.

Jill responded to Hillary, advising her to abandon the spread of “conspiracy theories designed to justify her failure” and reflect on the real reasons for the democrats' defeat in 2016.

“The Queen among the war heaters has finally stepped out of the wings”

Once again, we note that Hillary Clinton herself did not name the person whom she considers to be the “Russian favorite” during her speech. However, the American media pointed to a member of the House of Representatives from the state of Hawaii and Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard. At the beginning of 2019, Daily Beast and NBC News reported that she was allegedly a “Kremlin protégé”, received money “from Putin’s supporters,” and RT and Sputnik allegedly welcomed her announcement of her participation in the election race.

As for the attacks on RT, the channel does not support one of the American politicians, which was repeatedly emphasized by its representatives. Back in January 2018, RT Chief Editor Margarita Simonyan commented on such allegations in an interview with CBS.

“Our mistake was that RT did not support Hillary (Clinton),” she said, referring to the topic of “Russian intervention” in 2016.

Tulsi Gabbard called such allegations in her address "fake news." In addition, Rep. On her Twitter replied to Clinton's statement.

"Fine! Thanks, Hillary Clinton. You, the queen among the instigators of war, the personification of corruption and the personification of the rot that has been eating the Democratic Party for so long, has finally come out of the wings, ”she wrote.

The congressman noted that since the time she was nominated as a Democratic candidate, a “staged campaign to destroy her reputation” has begun, and it has now become apparent that Clinton is responsible for this activity “through his henchmen, powerful allies in the corporate media and in the war machine.”

“You are afraid of the threat that I pose to you. Now it’s clear that these primaries are between you and me. Do not hide cowardly behind your henchmen. Join the race directly, ”said Gabbard.

Shortly thereafter, Clinton family spokesman Nick Merrill reacted sarcastically to Hawaii's House of Representatives.

“Inciting discourse abounding in sarcasm and conspiracy theories?” You can’t imagine a better proof, ”CNN quotes him.

He also answered the question of whether the former US Secretary of State had specifically Tulsi Gabbard in mind. According to him, Clinton’s words allegedly have justification.

“If the dolls fit one into another ... These are not absurd inventions at all. That is the reality. If the Russian propaganda machine - both state-owned media and the factory of trolls and bots - supports a candidate that is beneficial to Russia's interests, this is a reality, not speculation, ”concluded Merrill.

At the same time, commenting on the post by Gabbard on his Twitter, he recalled the position of the politician on Syria.

“A sad day (in the original“ Assad day ”-“ Assad day ”, which also sounds like the expression“ a sad day ”-“ sad day. ”- RT ) for your election campaign,” he wrote.

Recall that in January 2017, the congressman paid a visit to the SAR, where she spent four days and even met with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Meanwhile, less than a day after this post, the representative of the ex-secretary of state changed the tone of his statements. The reason for this, according to US media, was a criticism of the statement by Hillary Clinton from both the Republicans and the Democrats.

“She does not say that the Russians are“ preparing ”someone. The question was about the Republicans, ”Merrill explained.

In an interview with NBC News, Gabbard added that she had been charged by Clinton because she could not “control her.” She also noted that the ex-Secretary of State, whose "hands in blood" from supporting US military campaigns, attacks all American politicians who oppose the "war for regime change" in certain countries - these people are described by Clinton as "traitors and foreign agents ".

"The Russian agenda is again present in the American presidential campaign"

According to the director of the Institute of Contemporary State Development Dmitry Solonnikov, Hillary Clinton has the right to express his point of view, but it is regrettable that the topic of her speech has not been adjusted in any way over recent years, given the situation that has developed in the United States.

“Trying to play the same card looks rather strange. Especially if Clinton is trying to somehow model Russian themes in the election campaign within her own party. To resort to the old accusations that were previously brought against the Republicans is to denigrate the entire Democratic Party. If she suggests that the same moves and actions that she took against the Republican Party during the 2016 campaign can now be transferred to the Democrats, she actually compares the two parties in her assessments, ”the expert believes.

At the same time, he expressed doubt that the ex-US Secretary of State will enter into another struggle for the presidency.

Director of the Center for Political Science Studies at the University of Finance Pavel Salin, in turn, added that Clinton continues to move along her anti-Russian path.

“Such a statement indicates that the Russian agenda is again present in the US presidential campaign, the preliminary stages of which are already underway. So far, there is no feeling that Russian issues will completely become the main theme of the upcoming elections. But such actions by Clinton help Russia to at least be present in the presidential campaign and take one of the leading places, ”the source said.

The expert believes that Clinton is conducting its own information campaign in the context of this statement.

“This is not a test maneuver. Over the past 10 years, the anti-Russian agenda, which is based on the anti-Soviet agenda, has been updated in the American information field. Over the past five years, it has peaked. Clinton is just trying to take advantage of this. As for his own influence, she has it. Partly hardware, partly media, ”said Salin.

Source: russiart

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