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Actress Jane Fonda at a climate protest on October 18, 2019 in Washington. Anne Corept / RFI

Actress Jane Fonda was arrested Friday (October 18th) during a demonstration in Washington to criticize the White House's decision to remove the climate issue from the upcoming G7 summit.

With our correspondent in Washington, Anne Corpet

The White House announced on October 17 that the climate would not be featured at the upcoming G7 summit, which will take place in June in Florida, on a Donald Trump property. This decision ulcerates Americans who are trying to mobilize against global warming.

For the second consecutive week, a star joined the protesters who gather every Friday in front of the Congress. Jane Fonda, very committed in her youth against the war of Vietnam, resumed her activist activities to alert the opinion on the climate.

Dressed in a red coat, the actress arrived surrounded by a hundred protesters in front of the Congress. Jane Fonda has moved to Washington to come every Friday to lobby elected officials to commit to fighting global warming. " We are facing a crisis ," she said. I try to warn about urgency . If we do not do what is right, in eleven years we will face a catastrophe so we must do all we can to stop global warming . "

" She moved here for four months to fight for our Earth ," said a protester. It's beyond the extraordinary. We need celebrities, people of power to stand up and say, "We can not stand this anymore." Our land is dying and we must save it . To the applause, Jane Fonda extended her wrists to the policeman to be handcuffed and embarked in a rifle. She will come back next Friday.

Jane Fonda handcuffed by the police for illegal demonstration on the avenue between the congress and the supreme court. The star shows every Friday for the climate. @ RFI pic.twitter.com/UsKe1mYwMv

Anne Corpet (@annecorpet) October 18, 2019

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