• Voltage on duties between Mattarella and Trump. The head of state calls for a collaborative comparison
  • Mattarella meets Danish premier: "US duties? Let's hope not"
  • Dazi, it is clash on the American Parmesan. Bellanova: "Never in Europe"


October 18, 2019The administration of the US president, Donald Trump, imposed duties worth 7.5 billion dollars from the EU countries at midnight time, with withdrawals that will mainly concern Germany, France, Spain and even the United Kingdom Kingdom. The duties entered into force one minute after midnight local time, at 06.01am Italian time. The measure was decided by the administration as compensation for public funds to Airbus. As for Italy, Trump's economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said "it can't be the last word". "Trump said he will examine" Italy's requests, which would like to avoid tariffs also because Rome is not directly involved in state aid to the Airbus consortium, but "did not go into details. Kudlow was present at the meeting between tenant of the White House and the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

There are made in Italy cheeses, parmesan and pecorino, in the 'black list' drawn up by the American administration on products subject to additional import levies of 25% 'ad valorem'. The duties were triggered at 06:00 Italian time. The US list also focuses on products from Spain (fresh cheese, olives and olive oil, among others), but also from France (wine, cheese), Germany (coffee, biscuits, waffles), United Kingdom ( whiskey, sweets) besides from more than twenty countries of the Union.

The economic adviser of President Donal Trump, Lawrence Kudlow, during a conference organized Thursday by the Council for relations between Italy and the US, said that for Italy "it cannot be the last word". "I love Parmesan, a pity we have to impose commercial tariffs," added Kudlow, who was present at the meeting in Washington Wednesday between the president, Sergio Mattarella, and the head of the White House.