Paris (AFP)

Rail traffic was "heavily disrupted" on Friday morning on the TER network and several lines of Ile-de-France, including the RER B and D, many drivers and controllers having claimed their right of withdrawal after an accident occurred Wednesday, said the SNCF.

The circulation of regional trains was particularly affected in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (all suspended TER), Brittany (one out of two), Occitanie or in the Great East, specified the SNCF.

In the Paris region, the RER B and D traffic was very badly disrupted, with interruption of interconnection, as well as Transilien J and R.

This social movement without notice follows an accident Wednesday in Champagne-Ardenne, a TER having struck an exceptional road convoy stuck on a level crossing, doing "three minor injuries", the driver of the train and two passengers, according to a word of the SNCF.

The driver "had to rescue the passengers because it was the only SNCF agent on board!", Lamented in a SUD-Rail statement.

This union, as well as the CGT-Cheminots and FO-Cheminots, criticize the mode of exploitation "equipment agent alone", which allows to circulate trains without controller.

In a statement, the CGT federation of railway workers (1st union SNCF) "requires the return of controllers on all of these circulations to allow drivers to focus solely on the management of railway safety."

"One of the unions has made a request for immediate consultation and it is received at this time by management.The dialogue is installed," assured AFP a spokesman for SNCF Friday morning.

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