The stock price closes and the highest price has been updated.

The Tokyo stock market on the 18th saw the Nikkei 225 stock price rise slightly, closing the highest price as the closing price.

The Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price on the 18th, was ¥ 22,492.68, which was 40.82 yen higher than the 17th, and the highest price was updated as the closing price.

TSE Stock Price Index = 1621.99, down 2.17.

The daily trading volume was 1,082.8 million shares.

The market official said, “The company's business performance in the United States was strong, and buy orders spread for many stocks from the morning. After that, there were also sell orders to confirm profits, but the Nikkei Stock Average was the closing price. “However, many investors refrained from aggressive trading in order to determine the future of the UK's exit from the European Union.”