To Keisei Electric Railway Braille Block Repair October 18 at 14:28 after a fall accident of a visually impaired person

This month, a railway company renovated a Braille block during this fiscal year in response to an indication that the height of the Braille block on the site had shifted due to an accident in which a visually impaired woman fell and died at a station in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. Decided to do.

On the 1st of this month, Kiyoko Akiya (66), a visually handicapped person who lives in Arakawa Ward, who was thought to have stumbled at his home, fell to the railroad track and died on the train.

As for the Braille block at the site, a straight block to indicate the inside of the home along the protruding block was installed last year, but this additional part was shifted 3 mm to 4 mm higher The Tokyo Blind Welfare Association was asking Keisei Electric Railway for improvement.

In response, Keisei Electric Railway decided to replace the Braille block of the station at the site with an integrated one without any deviation during this fiscal year, and responded to the Blind Welfare Association on the 18th.

In addition, because the old standard braille blocks that are difficult for visually impaired people to recognize were used, this is also a policy to replace it with a new standard. Keisei Electric Railway will renovate within the fiscal year at Keisei Sekiya Station in Adachi-ku, which has been found to have the same problem, as well as on-site Keisei-Seki Station, and proceed with confirmation at other stations as well.

Keisei Electric Railways said, “We will continue to work on safety measures in response to this painful accident.”