"Ceremony of the coronation of Reunion" to attend Sadaharu Wang on October 18 19:40

The representatives of various fields will be attending the “Courtesy of Reunion” on the 22nd of this month.

With the emperor's throne, the government will perform the ceremonial ceremonial ceremony on the 22nd of this month. Since the damage caused by the issue was enormous, it was postponed for about 3 weeks and will be held on the 10th of next month.

About 2000 people from inside and outside the country, including Prime Minister Abe and the heads of the three powers, representatives from various fields, and leaders from other countries, will be attending the “Imperial Reishon” ceremony.

From all over the world, the chairman of Sadaharu Wang, the professional baseball softbank that won the National Honor Award, Shoji Hanyu Kudan, and the former soccer women's representative from Japan, Mr. Sakiho Sawa will join.

In addition, there was a Canadian bomb survivor, Setsuro Saro, who gave a speech at the award ceremony of the Ototoshi Nobel Peace Prize, and a high school student who read poetry at the memorial service for Okinawa's “Memorial Day” last year, Tomoko Sagara. It is planned.