Former manager of Yokohama High School 2 months with violence due to violence Japan Student Baseball Association 18:10 on October 18

The Japan Student Baseball Association decided to take a punishment for two months as the former director of Yokohama High School, who was a high school baseball powerhouse and won five times at Koshien in the spring and summer, instructed the members.

The Japan Student Baseball Association held a judging room meeting in Tokyo on the 18th and announced the disposal of 14 high schools.

Among them, the manager at the age of 36 at Yokohama High School said in August that he taught the second grader that he had neglected to play as much as possible while practicing. is.

The Japan Student Baseball Association has recognized this act as violence and has decided to suspend it for two months based on the fact that it was discovered through external contact.

This director was removed from high school last month.

In addition, at a school that has participated in Koshien, the director and manager of Sakuragaoka Senior High School in Yamaguchi were slammed for 4 months and the manager for 2 months. I received each one.

In Kagawa's Jinsei Gakuen, the coach was given 3 months of power harassment for the club members, and the Hiroshima City Kure High School coach was also kicked off for 2 months.